Jessica Lynn, A.K.A CorpseTits, is an illustrator based out of Portland, Oregon. Jessica has been one of the more creative people that I constantly see on my online feed. Whether it's new artwork, a collaboration or one of the many products she offers, Jessica always seems to be keeping busy. Luckily for the rest of us, she's out there doing the devil's work one pencil stroke at a time so that we don't have to.



We will be doing a 2 week preorder on CorpseTit's ( Jessica Lynn's ) Fly illustration. Shirts will be on a preorder to print limited run so after the final pre order day the shirt will no longer be available for purchase. 

Pre orders end on 12/3/15                      All shirts will ship 12/13/12


Is there any story behind the name Corpse Tits?

Nothing that interesting I'm afraid. I used to call myself Wolf_Tits on IG but it was not really a pen name, just something I liked and had a meaning to me. After I starting actually doing more art this year, I found out a street artist goes by WolfTits, and actually paints wolves with tits. So, if I was going to start using my IG handle as a pen name I wanted to use something closer to what I tend to draw a lot. Tits and skulls. However, it really derived from the fact that I used to call myself CorpseHair for a while because I bleached it and I had pretty much killed my hair.


How would you personally describe your art style?

Um, I don't know. It's a weird hybrid of styles from many artists I love and grew up knowing, but I'm definitely more heavily influenced by manga and anime artists, as well as some tattoo art. I kind of see myself somewhere in the middle. A friend once reference my art as "skater art". Whatever that means. 

Corpsetits X Tittybats pin (Tittybats)

Did you ever study art or did you learn what you know on your own? 

Mostly self taught. I took a few art courses but I've mostly learned from peers and trial and error.


What is your process, when creating a new piece? What steps do you follow?

Well, if it's for a commission, it's rather standard. I start with a basic pencil sketch until I have it how I want, then I typically trace over it with ink onto clean paper, then fill in anything else. Other drawings I typically don't even know what it is I'm going to do until I get my pencil down and start drawing. 


What tools do you use? (Both traditional and digital, if any)

I prefer traditional. I used to be strictly pencil, I've grown comfortable with ink over the year. I try to stay away from digital aside from some editing if it needs it for printing. I also like to dabble with watercolors and acrylics. 

Illustration from Victor Virmis's Lack of Light zine ( victor.virmis )

Which illustrators/artists inspire you? If so, who?

Not answering because the list is literally TOO long. Big and small artists alike inspire me. My own 9 year old daughter's art inspires me. I'd hate to leave anyone out.


-What inspires you that isn’t necessarily other illustrators/artwork?

The positive community most artists seem to generate around them. I've been really inspired by the giving and modest nature of amazing artists, as well as the generosity and kindness of art enthusiasts and fans.


-What is your work environment like?

Well I actually work full time at an office gig, but my art work environment...well it currently consists of piles of artwork and art supplies in the corner of my room where I draw on my bed. I have no good "art studio" or even art area at the moment. I hope to change that soon and get more organized!


Are you involved in other art projects that isn't drawing?

I've recently start making enamel pins and would like to branch out making patches. 


Favorite horror movie?

American Werewolf in London

What do you think contributed in your taste of art?

Heavy Metal magazine, hentai, anime and my dad...who's stash of Heavy Metal magazine's I found when I was 10.


What are some things coming up that you think really help you find your own style?

Just about everything honestly. There's so many diverse styles and artists up and coming right now, I like to think they all help mold my own style in some way, it's hard to pinpoint any one thing or name even just a few artists I'm inspired by because there are just so many!


What really got you into drawing in the first place? Was it something that you’ve always done?

Well yeah I used to draw nothing but anime girls in questionable situations throughout high school. I tried my hand and graphic design and producing t-shirts for a while in my early 20s but then life got in the way and I quit for about 10 years other than the occasional doodle while I was on the phone. Over the last year, I've met some great people and artists that have got me out of my drawing hiatus, and it's been nothing but fulfilling since.



Favorite medium?

Pencil/Pen and Paper :)


What is the most challenging thing about drawing, for you? What do you have a hard time with, or feel like you still have a lot to learn about?

EVERYTHING. I tend to be almost equally as daunted as I am inspired by the incredible artists I idolize. I feel like I'm still an infant when it comes to where I'd like to be and there's not enough I can learn to get where I think I'd be satisfied. I think even if I got to where I want to be skill wise, I'd always want to learn more. 


What is something new you have noticed or learned recently

Being comfortable with mistakes, imperfections and starting over if necessary. And ink. Using ink in general has been a huge leap forward for learning.



Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to try getting into but haven’t had the chance?

I'd love to try some large scale murals if anyone would ever give me the chance. I've also always wanted to learn to sculpt. I hope to try that in the coming year. 


What is your personal artistic philosophy?

Art is in the eye of the beholder.


Advice for other aspiring artists trying to establish themselves? 

HAVE FUN. If it's stressing you out to produce things to establish yourself...step back. It's not worth it if it's not fun. I find things tend to happen on their own a lot too. 


Top 3 albums?

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds of Fire

Fugazi - End Hits

Queens of the Stone Age - Lullabies to Paralyze