Doro Hoffmann, A.K.A Flash Till Death, is an illustrator based out of Stuttgart, Germany. Many of Doro's design work consists of incredibly clean lines and lovely, bold color gradients with heavy old school flash influences. She's been an artist I've been keeping up with for awhile now and honestly one of my favorites. Every piece she puts out somehow just gets better and better. Be sure to keep up with her work on the social media links below.


We will be doing a 3 week limited run on Doro Hoffmann's illustration.  After the final order day the shirts will no longer be available for purchase. Shirts will ship every Friday of the 3 week run.

Orders begin on 2/1/16                  All shirts will ship 2/22/12/16

How would you personally describe your art style?

balanced, strong and detail-loving



What really got you into drawing in the first place? Was it something that you’ve always done?

Yeah it was. I knew it had to be my profession one day to do something crafty. 


What tools do you use? (Both traditional and digital, if any)

Transparent paper, light table, not-too-rough-watercolour paper, two brushes in different sizes, acrylic ink and at the moment Uni Posca markers for the outlines. still looking for THE perfect pen. But I have my eyes on one!

What is the most challenging thing about drawing, for you? What do you have a hard time with, or feel like you still have a lot to learn about?

I have a hard time drawing faces and furry animals, i think i will work out how to do birds next haha. I can't line a decent circle and i hate myself for that. And, with the ink i use, I have a really tough time shading larger areas, but i think i know how to solve this problem already...

What is something new you have noticed or learned recently

With the design for Ritual Culture I coped with full black areas instead of shading for the first time, i think i will carry on experimenting with that. I also want to do more 3D kind of paintings, like the three butterflies.


Are you involved in other art projects that isn't drawing?

Unfortunately not, but i would love to do something that has to do with sewing and/or custom clothes.


In your opinion, what are some of the most important aspects of a solid design/illustration?

I enjoy a balanced composition and even linework. And in my case, flawlessly executed shades.



Did you ever study art or did you learn what you know on your own? 

I actually graduated in fashion design in 2015. It influenced me a lot in my taste of design (I'm honestly more into design than art) but fashion and my passion and interest for old school tattoos never worked together until I fused both in my final thesis, which is called "Haut/Farbe" ("Skin/Color", thinking of tattoos as a color of skin as well). But the process of drawing and painting was learning by doing, I found out about spit shading via youtube and I tried so many different colors and tools until I found out what works best for me. Actually this hunt isn't even completed. 


What is your process, when creating a new piece? What steps do you follow?

I usually set the size and draw some guidelines. Then I use 2-3 different colored pencils (from light to dark) to sketch my idea, whereas the darkest traces the final lines. If the design is (at least partially) symmetrical, I use transparent paper to trace it trough and mirror it. I can't go without that stuff.

What is your work environment like?

I have two tables in my room, one for drawing and painting and one for sewing. The one for painting is hell of a mess 85% of the time.


Do you ever have trouble with a lack of inspiration, if so what do you usually do about it?

On one hand, I have a MAJOR problem with getting inspired and motivated because i feel like i have to make up all ideas in my head. On the other, i have too many ideas for projects to even realize. So i make myself a to-do list and choose from the tasks i wrote down in case i don't feel inspired. It can be anything: Redraw old stuff, sew something, finish a painting i have laying around forever, put up a mixed media piece...

What is your personal favorite piece that you've done?

There is this (actually really simple) painting, a hand with a flower. I gave one each to my girls Sarah and Jule for their birthday, and i liked it so much that I used it as a patch with cutout on a vest i did. It came out so amazing that I now just link this piece with something good. 

Advice for other aspiring artists trying to establish themselves? 

Never stop learning and ask professionals for constructive critic.

Is there anything that you’ve always wanted to try getting into but haven’t had the chance?

I really want to get into tattooing professionally. If you're reading this and are willing to take an apprentice, i'm hard working and nice as well!  My paintings are okay as they are but i really want to bring it to the next level and become a looooot better.