Sketchy Tank is an artist based out of San Diego, California. Definitely keeping busy living in the world of low brow, he seems to have managed to create his own sketchy world with his artwork. He's worked in collaboration with a wide spectrum of skate, snowboarding, clothing and other types of companies by drawing up whatever seems to be floating around in his head. Never forgetting to include the essentials like skulls, bold lines, booze, or boobs, I'm not exactly too sure what anyone else could ask for. Sketchy Tank offers new wearable goods on his website, be sure to follow him on his instagram account ( @Sketchy_Tank ) to keep up with all of the what seems like his never ending line of work.

How would you personally describe your art style?

ST: Low brow, dark with humor. 


What do you think influenced in your taste of art?

ST: 80's skateboard graphics, metal albums, marijuana


What really got you into drawing in the beginning? 

ST: Always have drawn since I can remember! I actually silkscreened my own art on shirt in 1987 when I was only 6. My mom still has one!

Sketchy Tank X Abandon Ship Apparel (  )

Sketchy Tank X Abandon Ship Apparel ( )

Did you ever study art or did you figure out most of what you know just by trial and error? 

ST: I studied on my own until 2004 then went to art school for graphic design at art institute of San Diego California. There were a few good teachers but on a whole the school was kind of a joke.

What is your usual process when working on a new drawing? What steps do you usually follow?

ST: I normally get some dumb idea in the middle of the night and write it down. I wake up and read the idea and 95% of the time the ideas are stupid. If an idea sticks I loosely sketch in pencil a few times to get it right, then I ink it, scan it, vector it, and prep it for printing.

What other types of jobs have you had?

ST: I was a bartender/bar manager for years. I loved it but partied too much haha. I worked at a design agency after dropping out of art school. I learned a ton about designing and building websites, branding , and got to do a handful of illustration work for snowboard graphics. I built repeat patterns for Nike snow outerwear and did ad layouts for big brands like DC. I learned a ton there at the design agency. I quit that job because I got a job offer from electric visual to be a product designer for their snow goggles. I did that for 2 years and learned a ton! I traveled back and forth from China working on developing a giant goggle range. During that time I was building sketchy tank, and by February 2014 I was able to quit my job and work for myself.


All In A Days Lurk tee by Sketchy Tank ( )

All In A Days Lurk tee by Sketchy Tank ( )

At what point did this go from just being a hobby to your main focus?

ST:I think when my wife was pregnant with my son I knew I would be giving it my all. I am not a 9-5 guy and I really was trying to set it up where I can hang with my family more.


Do you ever have trouble with a lack of inspiration?

ST: Not at all, normally I have too many things I want to do but don't have time to execute on all of them. When I smoke weed the weirdness comes out haha.


Are you involved in other art projects that aren’t drawing? 

ST: I have made some short films with friends , check out SHVDE and SHVDE 2 and the rights refused video I did with KR3W denim. 

Sketchy Tank's article in Snowboarding Magazine ( )

Sketchy Tank's article in Snowboarding Magazine ( )


What is Night Watch Studios and what is your relationship with them?

ST: Tallboy and Krusty are close friends. Tallboy and I are in an art gang together called swamp wizards.

NightWatch studio Party issue, left side Sketchy Tank. Right Cover by TallBoy ( Tallboyart.Com ) ( )

NightWatch studio Party issue, left side Sketchy Tank. Right Cover by TallBoy ( Tallboyart.Com ) ( )

Sketchy Tank & Catrina ( insta:  @trinaaweena  ) photo by @mojave_ghost

Sketchy Tank & Catrina ( insta: @trinaaweena ) photo by @mojave_ghost

What sort of art tools do you usually use when working on a piece?

ST: Red erasable Pencils, faber castell India ink brush pens, adobe illustrator.


What is the most difficult aspect about drawing to you? What do you seem to struggle with, or feel like you still have a lot to learn about?

ST: I have a tough time drawing females and that's one thing I really want to draw for obvious reasons. When I draw girls they end up looking like trannys, haha.


Has becoming a father made any sort of difference in your work?

ST: Yes and no, I find myself questioning if things are suitable for a father putting out there, but I always stay true and don't sensor my art.


What is something new you've learned recently?

ST: Don't trust everyone, be weary and cautious of people. Have proper contracts in place, hire lawyers to protect you.

666 trucker hat by Sketchy Tank (

666 trucker hat by Sketchy Tank (


Which illustrators/artists inspire you?

ST: David Cook has always inspired me, mike giant and Shepard fairy. Cleon Peterson, Rick froberg... So many more.. Tons of tattooers too.


What inspires you that isn’t necessarily other illustrators/artwork?

ST: Music , movies, surfing, beer, friends


What is your work environment like?

ST: My garage is built out into my art studio. It sounds janky but it's perfect for me.

Three lapel pins designed by Sketchy Tank ( )

Three lapel pins designed by Sketchy Tank ( )

How often are you asked if you do tattoos?

ST: Too often, one day.. Haha


What are some of the most important aspects of a solid design/illustration to you?

ST: Composition and line weight are what pleases my eye the most. 

Favorite beer?

Any hoppy IPA , tecate , coors light.

What are some of your favorite collaborations that you’ve done?

ST: I really like the tiki mug I did with munk tiki. We are doing a beer stein next! I love seeing my art in 3d !


Tiki Mug designed by Sketchy Tank for Munk Tiki ( MunkTiki.Com )

Tiki Mug designed by Sketchy Tank for Munk Tiki ( MunkTiki.Com )